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Sand Dollars - Silver on Blue, 22" x 30" additional picture 1
Sand Dollars - Silver on Blue, 22" x 30" additional picture 2

Sand Dollars - Silver on Blue, 22" x 30"

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Hand screen printed on eco-friendly recycled cotton paper, this beachy print is perfect for a multitude of art uses including home decor projects, matte frames, custom cards and invitations, book arts, mixed media projects, paper crafting, elegant gift wrap and more! 100 g/m2, 7-8 pH, inks are waterbased pigment and azo free. Aside from the Sand Dollar being a favorite find among beachcombers, there are many stories and legends associated with this beautiful creature of the sea. The mythological legend of the Sand Dollar claims they represent coins lost by mermaids or the people of Atlantis, the mythical city that sank below the ocean millennia ago. To beachcombers of the past, Sand Dollars are symbols of large, silver coins, such as the old Spanish or American silver dollar. To some, the Sand Dollar is a religious symbol, representing the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the front there is an Easter lily shape with a star in the middle, representing the star of Bethlehem, which was the star that the shepherds followed to see the baby Jesus. On the opposite side of the Sand Dollar is an outline of a poinsettia, often called the Christmas flower. The five slits on the Sand Dollar represent the wounds on Christ when on the cross. Sand Dollars are also symbols of peace. Legend has it that there are five doves inside the shells and when the Sand Dollar is broken open, they are then set free to bring peace and goodwill to the world.