Japanese Melange Paper - Lemon Yellow 21" x 30"

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Symbolizing the colors of the Japanese season of spring, this subtle looped pattern appears printed, but is far more complex. The pattern is created from dyed strands of Mitsumata, a shrub that is cultivated in Japan, Korea and China. These thin, lustrous colored fiber strands are placed on top of a wood pulp base paper and then married together using a machine process. Not only is this a beautiful paper, but also a fairly durable one, as mitsumata is also one of the materials used to make Japanese money. The mitsumata shrub is a member of the Daphne family, and regenerates itself every three years, making this an eco-friendly paper as well.

These gorgeous papers look as though someone has actually hand chalked the designs with softly colored oil pastels. Mitsumata, a thin and lustrous fiber cultivated in Japan, is colored and then layered on top of the base paper, to create the swirling designs shown here. The Lemon Yellow colors express the Japanese season of summer, while the Ash Green colors express winter. A strong paper, suitable for many uses.