Egyptian Papyrus - Light 24" x 31"

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Beautiful textured paper dating back to 2700 B.C., this papyrus paper is handmade and acid free. Light brown.

After the style of ancient Egyptians, these sheets begin with the pith of the papyrus plant which is cut into thin strips and soaked in water. The hydrated pieces are then cut to the length of the sheet to be made. A first layer of parallel strips is placed on a piece of cotton followed by a second layer perpendicular to the first. The completed sheet is then covered with a second piece of cotton and pressed between two pieces of felt to dry. Dark papyrus is "aged" in water longer than light papyrus to achieve a darker color and less solid sheet. Papyrus is suitable for painting, writing with many varieties of inks, and bookbinding. Egyptians consider it the "everlasting" paper as papyrus has been found in perfect condition in tombs and temples dating back to 2700 B.C.